Monday, January 31, 2011

christmas continued...

hudson at mimi and pop's
justin, me, hudson, cole, jenni, and trevor

hudson's first christmas - and our first WHITE christmas

daddy and hudson hanging out!

christmas is the MOST wonderful time of the year

this year's christmas was new and different. this year wasn't about the presents - it was all about family and spending quality time with our loved ones and showing each other that we love each other. having hudson here put a new spin on how we approached christmas. we spent time as a family reading the true christmas story and thinking about maddie and praying for those less fortunate. we missed maddie like crazy (like we always do), but we have been blessed to now be able to celebrate with hudson.

we spent christmas eve at mamaw's and papa's house for the annual maddox family christmas party and then we went to justin's mamaw's house. we spent the night with mimi and pop and santa clause came there - then we went to nina and papa's house to continue the celebrations!

christmas is the best time of year - because not only does it lend itself to spending more time with family and friends- it's a constant reminder that God loves me and that He masterfully planned the birth of his son to a virgin and He put all those plans into action because He wanted to save me (and you too!)....Thank you Jesus for your love and salvation. thank you for justin, maddox elise, and hudson - my family means so much to me.....

Monday, November 15, 2010

labor day

hudson's due date was october 8, 2010 - which in my mind was never going to arrive. i started my weekly appointments the first week in september and dr. bill (one of the best doctors ever) was set on making me wait it out and when i reached 39 weeks - we'd schedule a day to induce- that was not what i had in mind. around the same time that my weekly visits started my blood pressure also started going nuts. i've always had great blood pressure - throughout my entire pregnancy with maddie and the whole time with hudson. however, for some reason this year my bp decided to rise and cause concern. i thought - maybe, just maybe my bp will be high enough to warrant an induction - but nope, no such luck with that either. i had gone to my appointment on monday, september 20th and dr. bill told me for the 2nd week in a row that i was still dilated to 1cm and that hudson still seemed high....he again told me to wait one more week and when i came back the following week we'd schedule hudson's birthday. (side note: dr bill's plan was to be able to go to disney world with his family and then come back and schedule the induction so he could be there - since he's hudson's namesake and all!) so monday (9/20) i go home and, yeah, i'm bummed - but justin and i have a good night and i get the house straightened and i even get dinner prepared to put in th crock pot tuesday morning- man, i was on it! while attempting to sleep (which, by this time was nearly impossible), i sat straight up in bed at 4am with a horrible pain radiating from my back around to my left side - it was so bad, i think i screamed out and scared justin! it eventually subsided and i was able to lay back down. i got up at my alarm and got ready for work - all morning i had this sharp consistent pain on my left side that wouldn't quit. started my day at work, which was beginning to spiral downhill.....after my sweet co-workers asking about my appointment the previous today- i mentioned the back pain and everyone seemed real concerned about it....not me - i knew if i went to the dr they would just send me home on bedrest - and i didn't have time for bedrest! so my co-workers made me promise that if the pains had not subsided by 10 that i would call my dr's office (cause my dr was en route to disney!) and see what they said. well i didn't wait til 10 - i left out of my 2nd period and called the dr and they suggested that i come in. after calling a parent to cancel a meeting, cleaning my desk, making sure work is left for my students, i leave. i told my co-workers that i didn't need a driver, i would be fine....YEAH RIGHT...i got 5 miles from the school and the pain intensified - and stayed at a 8.5-9 (on a 1-10 scale) the whole time. i called lori (my smart, beautiful, older, and NERVOUS sister) - she freaked out when she found out i was driving myself and offered to call an ambulance to pick me up from somewhere! she did, however, call st. vincents and warned them of my arrival and had someone meet me at the door!

- oh, while i was preparing to leave work - i couldn't get in touch with my husband. i called him 3 times and texted him several times- he wasn't answering! this was my nightmare! finally as i was driving to the hospital, he called and quickly left work to meet me at the hospital. -

once, we got in the exam room, which was immediately, a doctor came in to examine me and said that i was nearly 3 cm dilated and having some contractions! she told us to go down and be monitored for a few hours to see if i progressed any further. so off we go - getting wheeled down a couple of floors. once we got into a room, a real L&D room, the nurse says - 'ok, change into this gown and we'll get ready to start your IV'.....*confused look* "um, i'm just being monitored, right????" nurse: ' oh, no! the doctor's coming down to break your water. today is baby day!'.....justin and i just stared at each other in disbelief, before we finally snapped out of it and realized we had family to inform!!!

long story - somewhat short- they broke my water and we waited, waited and waited some more...after about 6-7 hours i had not progressed past 4 or 5 cm - so dr. woods suggested that we go forward with a c-section and that we did......i got prepped and drugged and sent in for a c-section and sweet baby hudson was born at 8:02pm!

that's how baby hudson came into the world - not too exciting, sorry! he did have quite a welcoming committee - mommy, daddy, mimi, pop, nina, papa, uncle cole, jenni, great aunt kristi, great great aunt deborah, aunt erin, and uncle josh......i think that's all, if i forgot someone then i apologize - it was a long tiring day!

WELCOME to the WORLD baby HUDSON!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

introducing our newest miracle

he's here (and has been for about a month now!) james hudson hodge was born at 8:02pm on Tuesday September 21, 2010 (coincidentally - my niece's, anna kate's, birthday too). he weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 19.5 inches long. he is absolutely beautiful and we couldn't feel more blessed. justin and i are madly in love with each other and him and it feels great! more details about how he arrived later....but now, more importantly - pictures!

hudson's baby shower

on sunday, august 15th (yes, the day after the race) a big group of my friends and family put together a beautiful baby shower to help us celebrate the arrival of james hudson hodge! erin, marianne, kat, kathy, debra, eleanor, mrs. tommie lou, becky, ashley, julia, april, lori, lacy and many others did a fantastic job with EVERYTHING. the food was wonderful the decor was beautiful, and i was very overwhelmed with everyone's generosity and are some pictures from our shower!!! to all who helped - it was the perfect baby shower and i am so blessed to have friends and family like you - thank you for all your hard work- i will always remember your kindness!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2nd annual baby steps

on august 14, 2010 we had the 2nd annual baby steps 5k memorial run - in memory of braden and brody nicholas and maddox elise hodge and countless other angels that were taken too soon. if you'll remember last year, we did great for our first year- having over 300 people race and donating $9,000 to the amelia center (grief counseling center)...this year, it was a slow start as far as registrants go - but abby and i were positive that the event would be a success and boy was it. God was definitely at work in this event and despite the rain - we had a tremendous turn out!!! oh yeah, i forgot to mention the was, shall we say- less than desirable! it started raining around 7:30 that morning and it RAINED, RAINED, and RAINED some more! however, that didn't stop over 500 people from coming out and participating in the event (approximately 100 of those participants registered THAT MORNING - in the rain!!!) we had some slight bumps and hang ups, but overall the event was another HUGE success and this year we were able to give $12,000 to the amelia center!! we greatly appreciate all the families and people who came out and supported us this year - we just pray that our event helps other families who have lost children and that they know they aren't alone...i thank God for the success of the event and for the new friends we've made as a result of the 5k! enjoy the pictures below!!!

all the race bags - waiting to be picked up!!!

i was very pregnant and very wet!!!

we did a balloon release in memory of all the sweet babies!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

long overdue

sorry - if anyone is reading (other than mom), that i haven't posted anything in what seems to be forever....this summer was very eventful/busy in the hodge household.

for starter's i was interviewing for a new job all summer (which luckily God blessed me with a good one after just a few interviews!), and i was completing my master's degree in special education - taking 4 online classes - NO FUN, and we were planning for the 2nd annual baby steps memorial run, and preparing for maddie's little brother's arrival....more updates to come soon, i promise!

just to start - it's been 1 year, 6 months, and 1 week since my precious maddox elise entered into heaven - perfect and whole and since that time she's been sitting next to the Father's side - praising Him and receiving love directly from her creator - HOW AMAZING....

i miss her - plain and simple. some days are worse than others, but today - in particular, she is heavy on my heart - and i know that she's happy and content, but her mom misses her. i'm so grateful to God for allowing me to see that precious angel - but i'm even more grateful to Him that he chose to heal her so quickly - she never had to suffer, cry, or feel any ounce of pain and for that, Jesus, i am extremely grateful...

maddie - as we prepare for your little brother - we take time often to think about you and who you would've been - we've gone through your things - really things we keep more for our sake than yours, but daddy and i hurt knowing that you won't be able to welcome hudson home with us. we know you are perfectly happy in heaven and we're thankful for that. sweet angel, just know that mommy and daddy love you so much and we are looking forward to the day when our family can be together - sitting at the feet of Jesus...

dear Lord - today is an emotional day for me. it's a day where i think about maddie more than normal and my heart is heavy because of her absence. Father - i am so thankful for the many friendships you have sent my way since maddie's death and i'm so thankful for the impact you allowed MY daughter to have on so many people and i thank you for the impact she had on my life. Jesus, thank you for loving on her and making her whole - as her earthly mom - i am eternally grateful you healed her. give me peace, sweet Father. hold me in your arms and help us welcome this new miracle into our lives with love like yours...